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Stress can be both psychological and biological.

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Everything you need to know about TST, stress and more!

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Sensory Stimulation in Total Sense Therapy


Ideas for smells to use in your sessions


Need ideas for brand new flavours?


Loads of ideas for sounds to use


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Textures and odd surfaces

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anatomical Total Sense Therapy


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taste Total Sense Therapy


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Offer TST to your clients

Would you like to offer TST to your clients?  We are currently in the process of securing an awarding body to offer Total SENSE Therapy accreditation so you can offer it to your clients.  Until it is officially available as a qualification, we’d like to hear from you if you would like to trial the therapy in practice so we can build a portfolio of case studies and clinical outcomes to help develop the therapy and proliferate it’s benefits to a wider client group.

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