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All you need to know about Total SENSE Therapy

How We Started

After personally suffering from severe panic and anxiety attacks myself, I discovered various techniques to help alleviate and eventually cure them.  After extensive research, I have fine tuned those techniques and discovered that they can potentially be used for other related (and unrelated) disorders.

Portable Sunshine
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What is TST?

Not only is it an effective method of attaining a relaxed and serene state of mind at home, you can also take that same state of mind out and about with you through the concept of ‘Portable Sunshine’ – administering it through non-medicinal recall (a conditioned response to a conditioned stimulant) discretely and effectively. Feeling anxious is normal.  We all feel anxious from time to time and it can even be helpful.  Feeling nervous before a job interview or an exam for instance or before we ride a huge roller coaster. The feeling of anxiety helps us to prepare for danger (in case we need to run away) or perform to the best of our ability (in the case of competitive sport).

Anxiety can keep us motivated; it is very difficult to be blasé about something that you feel anxious about and this can help when you need to deliver a presentation for example.

In evolutionary terms, if it weren’t for anxiety, our species would be extinct. However, anxiety can cause real issues when there is no need for such a reaction.  Sometimes we feel anxious and that feeling is not helping at all.  Our minds can tell our bodies that something might be about to happen, causing all of the stress related hormones to be released but unnecessarily so.  If you feel anxious and there’s no real reason for it, you might want to be able to deal with that whenever and wherever it happens.  It is for this reason that Total Sense Therapy was developed.

TST is a two-stage process which relies on developing conditioned responses in order to most effectively induce calming and comforting emotions whenever and wherever they are required.  This website is a back-up resource to the book which explains all of the theory behind the therapy,  giving you a full grounding on how it works without being too technical with the science.

Why Total SENSE Therapy?


Total Sense Therapy stands apart from other stress management techniques because you can use it wherever you are, it is discrete and most importantly, non-medicinal.

At Home

Total Sense Therapy can be practiced in your own home so there is no need to travel to a clinic or similar to enjoy the benefits.  It can be undertaken at your leisure and is fully customisable to be as effective for you as possible.

Possible Uses

Stress management, Anxiety management, Reduction in frequency and intensity of panic attacks, Anger management, Mood elevation, Reducing insomnia and Less frequent headaches.

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