All you need to know about Total SENSE Therapy

What are the benefits?

Research shows that removing stress or managing your response to stressful situations can help to increase your health.

The theory behind Total SENSE Therapy suggests it could even be effective as part of a weight loss program.  Because of the proven scientific theory of classical conditioning which provides the mechanics behind the therapy, we hope to prove in the future that TST will be an effective device in dealing with the following issues :

– Stress/Anxiety

– Depression

– Addiction

– High blood-pressure

– Pain

– Psychological relaxation

– Maintenance of general health

– Support of the immune system

– Aiding cardio-vascular health

– Anger Management

– Mood Elevation

– Insomnia

– Panic Attacks

– Headaches

Portable Sunshine Total Sense Therapy

Other Benefits?

A phobia is the feeling of anticipatory fear – a response which is similar to that experienced whilst undergoing stimulation from the stressor.  TST induces feelings of calm and serenity and used in situations that cause anxiety such as flying, it is hoped that it can help to reduce the phobia to manageable levels or even eradicate it altogether.

Burnout is a term used in psychology which refers to long-term exhaustion and a loss of interest in work.  According to the tenth revision of the International Statistical classification of diseases and related health problems (ICD-10) it is specified as a state of vital exhaustion in the classification of problems related to life-management difficulty.  Many of the burnout theories result in negative outcomes such as reduction of output in a job function, increased stress hormones, heart disease and mental health disorders such as depression. There are coping strategies however which include resting and stress management, both of which are at the very core of Total Sense Therapy.

This is stress which comes as a direct result of work.  Our jobs can place a mental, physical or emotional strain on us and as a result, cause acute or chronic stress.  It happens when there is a difference between the demands put upon us and our ability to carry out these demands correctly and efficiently.  There are a number of factors involved and they can include negative workload, long hours, toxic work environment, lack of self-governance, discrimination by superiors, isolation, strained relationships with colleagues, lack of visible progression within the business or motivation to achieve.  Any and all of these can lead to a drop in productivity, absenteeism, aggression, problems with concentration and memory among others.  As with many situations an individual finds themselves in where stress is a factor, removing or improving the stressor is the most effective way of dealing with the problem but an effective method of stress management such as TST can also help in the long term.

I would love to hear from anybody who currently uses Total Sense Therapy for any purpose so that I can update the list of potential benefits and help others improve their way of life by managing similar issues that they may not currently be able to manage.  Contact me at :

What is Portable Sunshine?

Fill the senses

Check our Stimulants section for ideas of what you can use as Portable Sunshine

Home and away

It’s called Portable Sunshine because you take it with you to bring back that feeling of calm you experience in your TST sessions.


You can turn anything into Portable Sunshine but flavours, smells and sounds work best.

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