All you need to know about Total SENSE Therapy

Visual Stimulants

To light your treatment space you might want to consider one of the following (Click the words, they’re links):

Lava Lamp

Colour Changing Lightbulbs

Colour Changing Lamp


The sliders below are links to some excellent YouTube videos. Be aware that some of these videos are copyright of their owners and may be preceded by adverts. You may also have to close down some captions which appear before settling down to watch it.  I would recommend, in order to time your ten minute sessions correctly, cueing the video to begin ten minutes before it ends (i.e. start a 30 minute video, 20 minutes in).

Freemake is a tool with which you can download videos from YouTube and other sources. If you find videos you like, download them and make a library of videos for your TST sessions.  Remember, some of the videos may be subject to copyright so please observe this when downloading and using them. You can download it free here


Relaxing Videos

More relaxing videos

Combine video with audio

Can you help?

E-mail us at with any links to free resources of visuals or audio content and we will post them here.

Please let us know if you have found any useful relaxing videos, slide-shows or any with appropriate accompanying music to share with others who use this page for inspiration on what to use in their own sessions.