Sponsorship, Licencing and Advertising

All you need to know about Total SENSE Therapy

Sponsor us?

In order to continue research into the benefits of Total SENSE Therapy we are looking for sponsorship in return for presence on our website, Facebook page, twitter account, and Pinterest page.

smell Total Sense Therapy

Do you sell smells or flavours?

We are looking for affiliation with companies who can provide our clients with products they can use in their Total SENSE Therapy sessions (i.e. smells, relaxing sounds, relaxing visuals, unusual flavours and textures).

We are also looking for companies who can provide the same facility to our clients to advertise with us.  If you would like to place an advert on this site, we are offering a free advert for the first three months to enable you to judge it’s value and effectiveness.

The following fees apply for advertising beyond that point.  We exist solely on sales of the book, sponsorship, advertising and licensing of the ‘Portable Sunshine’ registered trade mark for use on your products and marketing materials.

  • Single line of text with a hyperlink                  –    £2 per month (any page)
  • 3cm x 3cm image with text and hyperlink     –    £4 per month (any page)
  • 6cm x 6cm image with text and hyperlink     –    £5 per month (any page)
  • Banner advert with hyperlink      –     £15 per month (any page apart from Homepage)
  • Logo on any or every page with hyperlink     –     £50 per month

Links to your company will be provided on the relevant page (i.e. Sight, Taste etc.) but please contact us to discuss inclusion on our Facebook page, twitter page etc.

If you want to use the ‘Portable Sunshine’ registered trademark on your products or marketing material then there is a small £2.50 per month licence fee for sole traders and small businesses.  We will also place a link to your site on the relevant page.  Please contact us to discuss further. enquiries@totalsensetherapy.co.uk

Would you like to sponsor us?

Please contact us

We only exist on sales of the book and sponsorship from our partners.  Let us know if you can think of a way you can benefit from our site for a small monthly fee!  You’ll be helping us to fund further research and find more benefits for our therapy.