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All you need to know about Total SENSE Therapy


We hope you find this site easy to use and helpful in customising your Total SENSE Therapy sessions.  Our hope is that we can help improve your quality of life through aiding relaxation and through ‘portable sunshine’, enable you to manage stress throughout the day whenever you need to.  Your feedback is invaluable in helping us to understand where TST is best used and best customised for maximum potential benefits.  We appreciate any and all comments.

Links to other sites…

The links provided on this site point to websites which we have carefully selected to give you ideas for modules to use in your sessions.  The videos hosted on YouTube and the sounds and music on other sites are freely available to watch and listen to because they are hosted on the Internet.  As most of the resources we link to are owned by other people (and possibly protected by copyright), we cannot host them on our own website so we try and ensure these links are safe to visit and are secure.  If you find a link which could be potentially harmful, please inform us and we’ll take it down.

If you own any of the sites that we have linked to and you wish us to remove the link, please contact us and we will do so immediately.

We will never share any of the data you send to us and we do not collect or store your data for any marketing purposes.  Whilst our site may carry adverts in the future, we will ensure that these are from reputable companies whose products are entirely relevant to the Total SENSE Therapy ethos.  We rely on sponsorship, licensing, advertising revenue and book sales to enable us to do further research and provide clinical data to prove or disprove the theories on the potential health benefits of both Total SENSE Therapy and Portable Sunshine.  The results of which will appear in on our news page and in future editions of the Total SENSE Therapy handbook.