What is Total Sense Therapy?

All you need to know about Total SENSE Therapy

2 Types of TST

Total SENSE Therapy can be used is two different ways.  Depending on your own situation, you may find either method or even both useful when tying to relax.

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What are the 2 types?

It works using the same basic process first demonstrated by Ivan Pavlov.  In short, he fed dogs and noticed that they salivated (a natural process to help digest food).  However, he then rang a bell when he presented the food and over a short period of time, the dogs started to associate the bell with feeding time.  Eventually, Pavlov rang the bell and noticed that the dogs salivated regardless of the presence of the food.  This ‘false’ saliva is a conditioned response and the bell is a conditioned stimulus.


Total Sense Therapy turns a ‘base stimulant’ (such as the smell of cinnamon instead of a bell) into a conditioned stimulant.  Using the treatment space to reach a relaxed state (conditioned response) will mean, after a few treatment sessions, you should be able to induce that relaxed state of mind and body by using the conditioned stimulant (the ‘portable sunshine’) whenever you need to and wherever you are.

As the word ‘total’ in the name suggests, Total Sense Therapy occupies each of the five classical senses at the same time, not only to induce a relaxed state but also to reduce the possibility of external (noise etc.) or internal (anxieties, bad thoughts etc.) factors impacting on your sessions, enabling you to attain a maximum relaxed state.  The only difference between the two types is the use of a base stimulant to which you will attach a conditioned response of calm.  Type 2 does not use this device, It is used mainly to wind-down and help to overcome conditions such as insomnia or mild anxiety without the use of medicines.

Why Total SENSE Therapy?


As the ‘total sense’ name suggests, the aim is to occupy all five of your classical senses (sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell) at the same time. Through the use of a base stimulant (which will become your ‘portable sunshine’), you will be able to take the relaxed and serene state of mind you achieve in your at-home therapy space, out into your everyday life with you.  This is done through the same classical conditioning method demonstrated by Ivan Pavlov.


In modern life we encounter various types of stress, whether physical or mental and each of us manage those pressures in a variety of ways. Choosing Total Sense Therapy as a method of managing stress will provide you with an effective device for helping you to cope with the effects of stress on your physical and emotional condition wherever you are and at any time of the day when it is most needed or indeed, most helpful.

Self help

The huge benefit of TST above other types of stress management is the ability to tailor it in a way that is most effective for you with the ability to self-administer (no need to leave the house, fit it easily into your schedule and there’s no need to travel to see or pay a practitioner).  Some of those who undertook the therapy during research, now use TST to manage anxiety, panic attacks, restlessness and insomnia among other stress related disorders.

Any Questions?

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Total Sense Therapy is entirely non-medicinal and customisable which means you can design the therapy to meet your individual needs and maximise its effectiveness. 

Stress free!

Some people find seeing a doctor or a practitioner they don’t know, a highly stressful situation in itself. Discussing your concerns with a stranger can cause unnecessary anxiety in much the same way as having to visit the dentist or going for a job interview. Being able to conduct the therapy in the comfort of your own home without having to interface with someone or visit a treatment room you may not feel comfortable about, is of huge benefit.


Stress can be managed by practicing relaxation techniques and many people use them to reduce their levels of stress, anger or anxiety. Total Sense Therapy is not only an ideal at-home, self-administered form of relaxation therapy but also allows you to take that relaxed state of mind with you during the day – a concept known as ‘portable sunshine’. When used at home or when you’re out and about, Total Sense Therapy can help to decrease stress levels, decrease muscle tension and lower blood pressure among many other potential health benefits.